Sport disciplines in the Asia

Asia is a continent that is home to the largest number of people in the world. Of course the main part is occupied by the Chinese, whose number is constantly growing. If you took into account the population of the world including China, the most popular discipline in the world would be ... table tennis.

Yes, it's true. In China, more than 500 million people do this sport. Children are taught to play ping-pong at schools. The Far East is home to the best players in the world, as evidenced by Xu Xin and Li Xiaoxia. Very few Europeans can compete with the Chinese because they have a completely different style, the so-called "penhold style". If you are interested in table tennis you can play at Unibet bookmaker and use your knowledge to earn pretty good money. Football and basketball are also becoming popular in China, due to the fact that together with the development of the country's economy, sports develops too and clubs find wealthy sponsors, have huge budgets, so they can attract the best international stars!

Now we should have a look at other states, since Asia it is not only China. India is the second largest country on the continent, and it has a completely different hobbies. Hindus are very fond of cricket. Their team belongs to the most powerful ones in the world. This is due to the fact that the British carried out the East Indian campaign in those areas, so the Hindus became interested in this sport. Some interesting facts: wrestling dominates in Mongolia and archery dominates in Bhutan. The Philippines, as well as Lebanon are keen on the men's basketball. In addition to football, the Japanese also appreciate baseball. As you can see every country has its customs.

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