Sport disciplines in the Australia and Oceania

Australia is a very interesting continent, which is historically and ethnically tied to Europe and the USA. It was inhabited by prisoners and former prisoners who had to spend their lives alone. Most of them did not return home, started a family in Australia.

There is a huge variety of disciplines on the continent. We can say that various sports are played in different parts of the continent. Australians value two disciplines: cricket and rugby. They are world leaders in both disciplines. Football is much less important. In recent years there has been an increase in popularity of the so-called Australian football and basketball. The broadcast of live matches of Australian football, rugby or basketball in Australia is organized by the bookmaker Bet365. There is also a little interest in the speedway, though many world speedway champions were born in this country.

Countries located in the Pacific Ocean have similar tastes as Australia. New Zealand is famous worldwide thanks to the excellent Rugby team, whose hook is known to every fan of this unusually cruel sport. Rugby became popular after the victory of «All Blacks» at the World Championship in 1987. They managed to win the Cup for the second time in 2011. In 2015, the rugby players of this country will defend the current Champion title. Will they be able to repeat the success? We do not know. The only thing we know is that rugby will always remain the most popular discipline in the history of this state.