Sport disciplines in the Europe

Europeans are nations in love with sports and all its kinds. Football dominates in every country of the Old Continent. This is to some extent connected with the motherland of football being Great Britain. At the moment football is the most popular sporting discipline in the world, which is being played virtually on all continents. It is estimated by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) that more than 200 million people play football in Europe. And interest of the Europeans for other kinds of sports does not end here, quite the contrary.

Other sporting disciplines are also popular in Europe. This can be partly explained by a wide interest of Europeans and the fact that at P.E. lessons in schools not only football but also other kinds of sports are taught. Undoubtedly the universal discipline of the continental scale is basketball, popular in Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland, Russia or Latvia. Similar situation is with hockey on ice. Volleyball (Poland, Russia, Italy, France), handball (Germany, Spain, France, Balkan and Scandinavian countries) are of a bit lower interest. Europe is also kinds of sports of local scale such as speedway or seasonal disciplines – winter kinds of sports (winter), athletics (summer). Comparing this Continent with others we can claim that it is the most universal if to speak about the variety of sporting disciplines. If you do not go in for sports and are only a fan of a local club, actively watching matches on TV, betting for matches of your favorite club at different bookmakers, buying gadgets, visiting matches or even (such thing are done only by minors) writing names of favorite clubs on walls of buildings not thinking about consequences.

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