Sport disciplines in the North America

Difference of North America from its Southern neighbors is huge. In sports literature there is even a separate definition “American kinds of sports”. It concerns disciplines which are played by citizens of USA and Canada. If to speak about USA then number 1 here is American football.

HFL championship is of great interest all over the country, bringing its clubs and sponsors huge incomes, the example of which is the yearly Super Bowl Final and namely prices for a several-second advertisement during the final make several million dollars! If to speak about American types of sports then we should also mention several other disciplines. The most important among them are Baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), and hockey (NHL). Football has much less importance (MLS), although year to year this league is developing. It can be seen by the price which is paid by advertisers while purchasing commercials for sporting events. The biggest proof is the Super Bowl, during which several minutes of advertisement cost several million dollars. Also if to speak about sports betting made by Americans its value is more than a billion dollars each year, nobody can overcome USA in the value of bets for coupons. But unfortunately lately in USA only ground receiving points have remained legal since gaming at internet bookmaker is considered illegal. But still there are internet bookmakers which offer betting for their American clients. American football, baseball and other American types of sports you can find at internet bookmaker Bovada.

Situation in Canada is a bit different. The main discipline here is hockey. The Canadians have always been the leaders in this discipline. There are several Canadian hockey clubs performing in NHL: Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadians, Winnipeg Jets. What’s more important the Canadian hockey clubs are richer than the American, and the National team has been performing very successfully in recent years at international tournaments. The Canadians love hockey and worry about all successes and defeats. You can even see children playing hockey displayed on the 5 dollar banknote. One of the most well-known Canadian writers Roja Karriera wrote: “Winters of my childhood were very long. Lives of children concentrated on schools, church and ice rink, and it was more interesting on the rink.” What is interesting carling gathers more and more popularity in Canada.