Sport disciplines in the South America

Europeans colonized South America and there is nothing strange that football is chief here. In 90% of countries of the continent this is the main kind of sport. We should also remember that part of football historians claim that football in its original creation appeared namely on this continent.

It was invented by ancient tribes of Aztecs and Maya, who played their bloody matches with cut off heads of their victims. The biggest amount of people playing football is in Brazil and Argentina, which are known as the biggest forges of young talents. The biggest football stars of the XX century are just from there. We mean Pele and Diego Maradona who are well-known to everybody all over the world.

In South America there are two exception countries. These are Venezuela and Guyana. In the first country situation is 50/50. In country the capital of which is Karakas two disciplines are of huge popularity, of course it is football but also basketball. This is the result of many Venezuelan players made careers in the American MLB league. Guyana is in its turn a small country which is not interested in football at all. The main part of its citizens are British and Australian who love playing cricket. It should also be mentioned that this country had once been a British colony and that’s why namely this discipline is number one and it is not strange for anybody. Who knows, maybe in several years this small country will have a strong national team in cricket. If you want to bet on cricket then we recommend Bwin bookmaker and the best offer for this sport!

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